Saturday 6 October 2012

Review: The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines

This is going to be a quickie - I'm just going to rant about the things I didn't like. 

First things first: The plot. The plot is very, very unoriginal, at first I guess that is what drew me in, knowing the story and ultimately just loving the swoon worthy moments books like this promise however I have to say it turned out that the plot is one the things that I disliked most about this book. I felt myself yearning for the MC for once to end up with the safe, 'good' boy - what can I say? I wanted a change. 

The characters felt two dimensional and not once did I feel any empathy for any of the characters. I raised my eyebrow a few times, I sighed a lot, I got irritated but I'm getting the sneaking suspicion that that's not what the author was aiming for. I was supposed to swoon, be close to tears, love Beau - not sorry to say I didn't. At all. 

The way Beau focused so much on Ashton's physical appearance really bothered me, same goes to the way Ashton looked at Beau like he was a piece of meat. The protective/possesive thing with Beau got way too out of hand and don't get me started on how sexist this book is. Come on! Really? Take the part where they're at the field (or wherever they said they partied) the girls were just these... playthings the guys had. It's disturbing, really, how Ashton never really mentions if it bothers her. 

The ending, oh, how the ending was predictable, so very predictable. The author waited until the very last moment to reunite the tragic lovers - it made me want to GAG. I'm usually quite into sweet, happy endings but no, just no. This was so wrong, why couldn't she just leave both guys and be done with it? 

How about I end on a cheerful note? Okie dokes, here goes... I liked the names, they were pretty cool :) 

(Btw, do you say Beau like 'bow'. Oh and isn't Beau another name for 'boyfriend'?)

Music choice:  The first song I could think of about liking somebody solely for their looks. 
'I've been starin' at ya 
And I could do it all night 
You're looking like an angel 
With that kinda body needs a spotlight'
Who's That Boy? by Demi Lovato...

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