Sunday 14 October 2012

Review: The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa


I can't pinpoint exactly when vampires turned from being horrific, bloodsucking monsters to sexy, misunderstood lovers... but they did.  I have been avoiding many vampire books since writers everywhere started using creatures of the night as backdrops to sickly, annoying romances.

So Kagawa writing a book about vampires really surprised me, but when I found out that the vampires in this novel would actually be vampires, I was really excited.

The Immortal Rules, for me, was both amazing and disappointing. Mind you, most of the book is amazing, there were just a couple of things I really didn't like.

The amazing stuff:

  • I am loving the blood tear on the front cover.
  • The vampires were predators, scary and freaking awesome.
  • The world Kagawa creates is ferocious. 
  • Allison is pretty kick-ass, she doesn't wait around for somebody to save her, she fends for herself when she's human and fights for herself when she gets vampified.
  • Allison fights with a freaking katana! I want a katana!
  • The vamp who turns Allison, Kanin, is probably my favourite character. He's sarcastic and blunt. I also think I felt most sorry for him, out of all the characters in The Immortal Rules, his past is really interesting to read about. 
  • Even though I loved Kagawa's Iron Fey series, The Immortal Rules is completely different which just shows how diverse an author Kagawa is.
  • There is no insta-love!

The disappointing/bleuurghh stuff:

  • Firstly, Allison is supposedly of Japanese descent so what is with the cover?? 
  • I got bored a couple of times, I skipped a lot of Allison just walking around. 
  • That favourite character I was talking about? You know, Kanin, we don't see much of him in the novel. 
  • When Allison escapes her city she joins a group of humans who are searching for the Eden - after the first mentioning of this 'Eden' city, the book carries on to say a lot about God and faith... which I can't say I liked very much. 
  • Zeke, the love interest, isn't very interesting and his relationship with Allison, although slow and realistic, lacks chemistry.
Overall, The Immortal Rules was a very enjoyable read but unlike Kagawa's Iron Fey series, it doesn't make my favorite list. I'm definitely going to read the sequel, I'm intrigued as to what will happen next, between Zeke and Allison and also, KANIN! So who knows? Maybe I'll like the sequel more than the first Blood of Eden novel. 
(Speaking of Iron Fey, there was an excerpt of The Lost Prince at the end of The Immortal Rules... I. Can't. Wait. )

Music choice: The vampires in The Immortal Rules are so classic horror that I've picked a classic rock song... It is very creepy but insanely good... Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath
'You people better go and beware! No! No! Please! No!' 

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