Monday 3 September 2012

Review: Switched by Amanda Hocking

Even though I strongly disliked the first book I read by Hocking, My Blood Approves, and then decided to read and hate the sequel to My Blood Approves, Fate, I actually thought it would be an okay idea to read Switched.

I must really hate myself.

I don't think there's anything about Switched that I actually liked. It's not easy to finish a book, let alone LIKE a book when you absolutely despise the protagonist. Wendy is simply one of the most annoying, bratty and juvenile female characters I have ever come across. It's actually quite insulting that she's supposed to be a seventeen, nearly eighteen year old girl. I'm pretty sure it's not just me but the majority of young adults that I know don't act like they're six.

Switched is a book about trolls. I wasn't expecting that but honestly, it didn't really make a difference. Trolls? Vampires? Werewolves? Hocking could have written about any of these paranormal creatures and I'm betting she would have come out with the same product. The trolls in this novel are just people with magical powers living under an archaic monarchy in Fรถrening. Other than the changeling aspect it's as if Hocking decided to just pick a lesser known paranormal creature to make Switched appear appealing and original.

This book is not original.

Girl feels sad and alone

Dark, mysterious guy comes to town

Guy tells Girl she's different, she's a vampire/werewolf/alien/witch/elf/leprechaun/troll/anything-else

Girl likes Guy but Guy's not interested

Guy takes Girl back to ancient land
*is there a picture for that??*

Girl is important/part-of-an-ancient-prophecy/royalty

Guy professes love but leaves because he's not good enough for Girl

Some fighting...

Guy saves Girl

Girl sacrifices everything for Guy

The end.

Or you know, something like that.

Deja vu anyone?

It's not just Wendy and the same-y story line, it's all the other one-sided characters and their inability to even try to explain to Wendy what she is supposed to be doing. Even though I didn't necessarily like Wendy, I felt bad for her when she kept making mistakes because Finn and everybody else failed to tell her what she needed to do and say.

Overall, Switched is just too formulaic for my liking. You know what? I'm actually not that surprised that this is a 'Multimillion Copy International Bestseller', I'm annoyed that it is, yes, but I'm not surprised. Switched is exactly like every other popular young adult book at the moment. There's nothing particularly wrong with the writing but I didn't feel like reading the same book with different characters. If you like this BoyMeetsGirlWithAParanormalBackdrop thing then... great. I'm glad you like to read and you have found a book or a group of books that works for you. But me? I like a little bit more originality, a little bit more world building and a little less predictability.

Music choice: Hmmm... the book, to me, is just an insta love romance book about a girl yearning for a guy's attention. So, just pretend the singer is a girl and the lyrics sound like they're made for Wendy! 'People try to tell me, but I still refuse to listen 'Cause they don't get to spend time with you' - my music choice? Love Me by Justin Bieber.

You can listen to Wendy Justin too!
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