Saturday 17 August 2013

Meme: Stuck In My Head #4 - No Angels

Stuck In My Head is a new weekly meme that spotlights the songs you just can't seem to get out of your head. 

Howdy! This week the song that I have replayed way too many times to still be considered sane is... dun dun dun (I don't know why I'm doing a drum roll, the song title is in the post title)... No Angels by Bastille feat. Ella. IT IS THE MOST AWESOME THING. I just love the sound and the rhythm and.. and.. this is probably one of my favourite things at the moment. 

What's different about this pick from my previous Stuck In My Head choices is that this tune is a mash-up combining the music of The XX's Angels and the lyrics of TLC's No Scrubs. That's a fact there that you might just need to know in general knowledge quiz ( won't). :) 

I had heard of The XX before and I am a fan but I hadn't heard of TLC so I looked up the song No Scubs and to be completely honest, I wasn't too keen on it. Nonetheless, for some reason while I didn't enjoy the lyrics much when listening to the original, I love them when listening to No Angels. Perhaps it's because I adore Bastille's music and I liked their twist on it, somehow making it a song with more emotion and depth. 

Bastille is a British band formed in 2010 you should definitely check out because they have created some crazy awesome stuff. This tune appears on their second mixtape, Other People's Heartache Pt. 2. :) 

What about you? What song can you just not get out of your head this week? Does your pick remind you of a book you've read? Please feel free to comment with your picks and do tell me if you like No Angels. :) 

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