Saturday 27 July 2013

Meme: Stuck In My Head #1 - Resolution

Stuck In My Head is a new weekly meme, hosted here, that spotlights the songs you just can't seem to get out of your head. 

Hey guys! I thought I'd start a meme up so I could share with y'all my very favourite tunes and just generally what is constantly being replayed each week. For this week it is most definitely the song Resolution by Matt Corby... I discovered this little gem on an advert of Youtube and it is one of the few adverts that I haven't skipped, I guess it was love and first listen. ;) 

Since then I have uncovered that Matt Corby is an Australian singer-songwriter who was on the 2007 Australian Idol when he was just 16 ((I'm 16 and this little fact makes me feel a little failure-ish.. why must so many people have achieved so much by the age of 16!? eh?)) and he finished the competition runner up but continued to work on his music career.

Anywaays, it may have taken 6 years for me to find out about Corby but I'm definitely going to be listening to more of his music after listening to Resolution, his voice is amazing and I think I might just love the guy.

If you haven't heard of it before... 

Please do share your Stuck In My Head in the comments or a link to your own Stuck In My Head posts. I would love to have a look and perhaps discover some new favourite artists. Feel free to discuss why you love your pick(s) so much and if you're a book blogger like myself, whether or not your pick(s) remind you of a book you have read or are reading! :) 

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