Monday 31 December 2012

Music Talk: My Top 3 of 2012

I know, I'm cutting it a bit close with only a couple more hours left until 2013 here in the UK but hey! I still have a little time to tell you all my three favourite songs of 2012 (this is going to be so hard!).

Okay, here goes people...

The first time I heard this song I instantly fell in love. I would marry this song. It's true that I listen to Ed Sheeran constantly but this song especially is lyrical genius and I don't think I'll ever get tired of it. 

"You were just a small bump unborn for four months then torn from life.
Maybe you were needed up there but we're still unaware as why."

This is Small Bump by Ed Sheeran 

I don't actually know if the album which this song is from was released this year (I think it was) but I only discovered this band in 2012 and I can safely say that they are one of my favourite bands. Their songs are all pretty much about the same thing but they're very inspirational. 

"There was a house in a field on the side of a cliff
And the waves crashing below were just said to be a myth
So they ignore the warnings from the ships in the docks
Now the house on the cliff is the wreckage on the rocks"

This particular song is System... Meltdown by Enter Shikari 

If you like this then definitely check out Stalemate by Enter Shikari... 
"Previous wars make billionaires out of millionaires, 
Todays wars make trilionaires out of billionaires
Tomorrows wars will fuel generations of hate, generations of hate"

Lastly, but most definitely not least, my favourite song of 2012 is probably this one simply because whenever I feel angry, whenever I feel like crying, this song seems to make me feel.. so much. This song is filled to the brim with emotion and I will probably always listen to it. 

"No matter how many deaths that I die I will never forget
No matter how many lives that I live I will never regret
There is a fire inside of this heart and a riot about to explode into flames"

This, my friends, is Hurricane by Thirty Seconds To Mars

There are so many songs that I put on repeat this year.. Live My Life by The Runaway State, The Waiting Room by We Are The Ocean, You Already Know and Always Like This by Bombay Bicycle Club, Beneath You Beautiful by Labrinth ft. Emile Sande, Crash and Reckless by You Me At Six, The Last Time by Taylor Swift ft. Gary Lightbody (of Snow Patrol), Ho Hey by The Lumineers, The Blower's Daughter by Damien Rice, I Will Wait and Lover Of The Light by Mumford and Sons... I know I've left out so many but at the moment that's all I can seem to remember. 

What about you guys? What are your favourite songs of 2012? What do you think of my choices? Please leave your views and own favourites in the comments below. :) 

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  1. I'll definitely be checking out some of those songs. I have NO clue what my favorites this year were...I'm totally out of the loop on when things came out. I do know that I love The A Team (the original non-radio version more so, but both are good) I've been listening to some Ed Sheeran since and he's really good but I haven't heard the one you had up here. Sad but still amazing thanks for the recommendations...:)


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