Thursday 18 September 2014

you have made my day

For the last couple of days I've been very conscious of the fact that tiny things make my day; a compliment or a smile or a chat. It's strange how a passing comment can make me smile all over again when I suddenly remember it at the end of the day and it makes me wonder if things I've done or said have made people's days.

I realised that the smallest of actions and words can fill me with a sort of happiness that lingers and leaks into my appearance; makes my eyes shine a little brighter and my back a little straighter. Just like a cruel comment can stay with you and seems to deflate your whole body, a nice one does the opposite (which you would expect in theory but it doesn't stop you being surprised at your own smile).

Perhaps I put too much of a weight on words because they may be empty in nature and intention but honestly, who cares? When the world is so full of suffering and unkindness, it's important to take every compliment and every kindness with open arms. It's even more important to give them because who knows, maybe you're the only one to make them smile today. I don't think you have to lie or force yourself to come up with something nice but when in your head you realise you really like her shirt, or you think that his drawing is fab, why not say it out loud?

I'm in a very happy (still very tired but nevertheless, happy) mood and it definitely shows but gosh, why not make someone's day?

- Unknown

All my love, Sadia x 

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