Saturday 12 October 2013

Meme: Stuck In My Head #8 - Cold War Kids

Stuck In My Head is a new weekly meme that spotlights the songs you just can't seem to get out of your head. 

There's pretty much only one thing I am sure of at this moment in time and that is that God is speaking to us through Cold War Kids. As a new A Level student I don't exactly have the time to just lounge around listening to music and listening to music alone. That being said I think I've made every mundane task infinitely more enjoyable and interesting by listening to a little (*cough* a lot of *cough*) Cold War Kids: suddenly studying is a task that I fly through and sticking my phone into my bra when I have no pockets is a tolerable thing because now I can have Hang Me Out To Dry or Audience playing while I tidy my room or kick around a football. 

It was too hard for me to pick just one song so yes, this week I have picked the whole band. Cold War Kids are an awesome indie rock band from America and they have been around since 2004 so I am really embarrassed that I hadn't heard of them until very recently. 

I'm really surprised these guys aren't more popular, I truly am in love with their sound, but anyhow.. here are a couple of my favourite tunes... I do hope you like them. :) 

What has been stuck in your head this week? Is there a song/artist you like to listen to while studying? Feel free to comment below, I'd love to discover more music. :) 


  1. Hello fellow book lover! I like your meme - what a good idea!
    Seeing as it is Christmas, I have Guadete stuck in my head. Obscure? Yes, but the girls at the school I work in sang it at our carol concert. It's very good.

  2. I hadn't heard of Cold War Kids until now, I've been missing out, they are amazing! Really great blog :)


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